Scuffles broke out in one of Hong Kong's shopping districts on Friday as hundreds of supporters of Chinese rule stormed tents and ripped down banners belonging to protesters, forcing many to retreat.
The protesters have taken to Hong Kong's streets in the past week to demand full democracy in the former British colony, including a free voting system when they choose a new leader in 2017.
The city's leader agreed to talks with those protesters but refused to resign. He and his
supporters in the Chinese government made clear that they will not back down in the face of the city's worst unrest in years.
So does that mean that the Chinese authorities will launch a crackdown against protesters? Or will they make concessions?
Presenter: Sami Zeidan
Emily Lau, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, and Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council.
Victor Gao, Director at the China National Association of International Studies.
Joseph Cheng, Professor of International Politics at City University of Hong Kong. 


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Source: Al Jazeera