Hundreds of thousands of people have been marching around the world - ahead of a UN summit on climate change.

More than 120 world leaders will attend that meeting on Tuesday in New York. They will discuss ways to address issues relating to the environment and develop a new strategy that will lead to a consenus for a possible treaty - to be signed in Paris next year.

Organisers say some 570,000 people took part in the rallies in 161 countries; far more exceeding the number of those who demonstated for climate action in Copenhagen in 2009.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced last week that the months of June, July, and August were the hottest on record. And that 2014 is on course to break the record for the hottest year, which was set in 2010.

So, could protests alone convince world leaders of the real threat of climate change?

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Anne Lassman-Trappier - an environmental campaigner.

Asad Rehman - senior campaigner with Friends of the Earth.

Michael Jacobs - a senior advisor to the New Climate Economy. He is also director of Strategy for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

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Source: Al Jazeera