Calling Ebola a threat to both global health and national security, US President Barack Obama announced he is sending 3,000 soldiers to West Africa to help contain the virus.

The plan he outlined calls for more doctors and healthcare professionals; more mobile hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities; and increased training for first responders and other medical officials throughout West Africa.

The World Health Organisation is reporting more than 5,000 cases in West Africa, including more than 2,500 deaths from the virus that causes high fever and uncontrolled bleeding.

So, is Obama's plan enough? Can Ebola be contained?

Presenter: Adrian Finigan


Ike Anya - co-founder of the Nigeria Public Health Network

Christopher Stokes - general director at Doctors Without Borders.

Amanda McClelland - senior emergency health officer at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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