Asia is home to 60 percent of the world's population - but just 12 percent of the global Catholic community. But it is a region the Vatican believes holds great potential.
Pope Francis is in South Korea on the first such visit to Asia since John Paul the second travelled to India in 1999.
The trip also marked the first time a Pope was allowed to fly over Chinese air space. The concession is being seen as a significant gesture, since the Vatican has not had official relations with Beijing for nearly 60 years.
Pope Francis plans to return to Asia in January with visits to the Philippines and Sri Lanka.
It’s understood a trip to Japan is also being considered.
But can the Pope succeed in spreading the faith in a region where Catholicism still represents only a tiny slice of the population?
Presenter: Fauziah Ibrahim

Peter D. Williams - A Contributor to the Catholic Herald and an Author for the Catholic Truth Society.
Melo Acuna - A Journalist, and Media Officer for the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Source: Al Jazeera