Libya is experiencing some of its worst violence since the 2011 revolution.

On Sunday, a coalition of hardline militias from Misrata and elsewhere, said they had captured Tripoli's International Airport. They had been fighting for weeks to take control of the airport from the Zintan Militia.

The fighting is part of a larger struggle for power, that extends across Libya and beyond. On Monday, foreign leaders met in Cairo to co-ordinate action on the crisis in Libya.

They are worried that a potential spillover threatens the stability of the whole region. And they are calling for an international push to disband all of Libya's militias.

As the fighting intensifies, is Libya at risk of collapsing? And what role are foreign powers playing in the struggle for power in Libya?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan.


Oliver Miles -former British ambassador to Libya.

Jason Pack - president of

Anas El Gmati - the director of the Tripoli-based think tank Sadeq Institute.