Shinzo Abe outlined his vision for Japan's defence role in regional security to promote peace and prosperity amid tension over China's growing assertiveness and maritime activity. Abe made it cleat that his country does not accept changing what he called the status quo by force.
Abe said Japan intends to play an even greater and more proactive role than it has until now in making peace in Asia and the world something more certain.
The Japanese government is currently trying to ease constitutional restraints on its military, which can be used only in its own self-defense. Abe said Japan's pacifist constitution restricts its global contribution and needs to be revised.
So, is Japan returning to militarism? and how will that be viewed in the region?
Presenter: Mike Hanna
Tomohiko Taniguchi -  Special Adviser to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet...

 Xie Tao - Political Science Professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University
Barry Pavel - Former National Security Council Advisor for President Obama & President Bush. He is currently at the Atlantic Council.  

Source: Al Jazeera