Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been in power since 1999. Last year year he suffered a stroke. Yet, he is seeking another term in office.

The ailing and frail 77-year-old has not made a single public or televised campaign appearance.
His closest rival is Ali Benflis, his onetime Prime Minister. A number of opposition parties have boycotted the vote, saying the vote is slanted in Bouteflika's favour.
Backers of the incumbent portray him as the man who is able to secure stability in Algeria.
But for many, the question remains whether Thursday's presidential vote could alter the dynamics of power in this North African country. Since independence, army Generals have had a big sway in Algeria's affairs.
So, could this vote make any difference this time around?
Presenter: Hazem Sika
Mohamed Larbi Zitout, a former  Algerian Diplomat. Mr Zitout is also the co-founder of the Rachad opposition movement.
Amel Boubekeur, a specialist in North African politics. She is also a non-Resident Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs.
Ismail Debech, a member of Algeria's National Liberation Front.

Source: Al Jazeera