Anti-government protests are convulsing parts of Venezuela, almost a year after the death of charismatic leader Hugo Chavez.

The focus of the protests is the current President, Nicolas Maduro - the man personally picked by Chavez to represent his socialist vision at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, the government has turned up diplomatic pressure - and nationalist sentiment - by expelling three US diplomats. President Maduro accuses them of aiding groups that are trying to overthrow his government.

But what is driving the unrest? And is that vision under threat?

Presenter: Shihab Rattansi

Guests: Gregory Wilpert, the founder of and author of 'Changing Venezuela by Taking Power'

Girish Gupta, a journalist covering events in Venezuela

Daniel Hellinger, a professor at Webster University, and author of 'Venezuelan Politics in the Chavez Era: Class, Polarization and Conflict'