They say nature does not negotiate, and at the UN-backed conference on climate change in Durban that certainly appeared to be the case. 

The European Union called for a global deal that would see the world's biggest carbon emitters agree to reducing production of heat trapping gases. And while they also promised to commit to a second term of the Kyoto Protocol, they appeared to be struggling to get the US, China and India on side - all vital if a viable deal is to go ahead.

But with the EU plan gaining momentum among smaller nations, will the big three be forced to sign the deal? And will it be enough to fight climate change?

Inside Story, with presenter Hazem Sika, discusses with guests: Praful Bidwai, the author of Poltics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis: Mortgage of Our Future; and Jim Footner, the head of climate and energy for Greenpeace UK.

Source: Al Jazeera