Ethnic tensions in Kosovo are nothing new, even after the majority Albanian territory declared independence from Serbia three years ago. 

But the allegiance of its ethnic Serbian population, most of whom live in northern Kosovo, still lies with Belgrade. 

In July this year, Serb residents blockaded roads leading to the north in an attempt to stop Kosovan forces from controlling border crossings there. 

The NATO peacekeeping force in the country, KFOR, had given the Serbs until Wednesday to remove the roadblocks. That deadline came, with the word from the Serb leaders being that they would not comply with KFOR's request for unconditional access. 

Just what does this all mean for this already volatile region? And what will it take for newly independent Kosovo to assert its power? 

Inside Story, with presenter Hazem Sika, discusses with Oliver Ivanovic, the secretary of the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija in the government of Serbia, and Michael Binyan, an editorial writer and foreign affairs specialist for The Times of London. 

Source: Al Jazeera