Two days of violence in Yemen have left dozens of people dead and hundreds injured by bullets, batons and tear gas. Yet tens of thousands of protesters continue to call for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to go. 

But, despite a deal brokered by the GCC countries, there is no end in sight to the upheaval.
Saleh himself is in Saudi Arabia, still receiving treatment for injuries sustained after his compound was attacked in June.
And as the political deadlock continues, protesters are now calling for Yemenis across the country to gather day and night until the Saleh regime falls.

So where is Yemen headed? And is the Gulf-brokered peace plan dead in the water?

Inside Story discusses with Mohamed Qubaty, a spokesman for the National Yemeni Council; Hussein Shobokshi, from Asharq newspaper; and David Newton, a former US ambassador to Yemen.

Source: Al Jazeera