As the hunt for Gaddafi goes on, another battle, the one to build a new Libya is now underway.

What are the challenges facing the future of the nation after four decades of dictatorship? 

This special episode of Inside Story comes straight from Tripoli, Libya's capital. Three weeks ago, Tripoli was Gaddafi's capital, his stronghold, but now Gaddafi is on the run and the NTC, the new rulers of the city and Libya, are facing many challenges.

"Now the real battle the real fight is now. We have to fight to build Libya in the right way, the right direction, to build a new strong country with a democratic and free constitution and everything as all the top world countries, modern countries," one Tripoli resident says. 

Inside Story, with presenter James Bays, discusses with guests Lamin Belhaj, a member of the National Transitional Council; Anas El Gomati, a political blogger; and Mohamad Sweidan, a retired flight engineer. 

Source: Al Jazeera