A new report by Amnesty International says security forces and state-backed armed groups in Ivory Coast are creating a climate of fear that is preventing hundreds of thousands of displaced people from returning to their homes.

A violent power struggle followed elections in which Alassane Ouattara defeated the incumbant Laurent Gbagbo. But the human rights group has reported that killings and other abuses have been committed by forces loyal to Ouattara since Gbagbo was ousted in April.

On this episode of Inside Story we ask: Is Ouattara failing in his pledge to restore order and security to the country and what does the future hold for the west African nation?

Inside Story, with presenter Hazem Sika, discusses with guests: Gaetan Mootoo, a West Africa researcher at Amnesty International; Oladiran Bello, the head of the EU-Africa relations programme at the Foundation for International Relations and Dialogue (Frida); and Issiaka Konate, the president of the UK chapter of Alassane Ouattara's party.

Source: Al Jazeera