Malta is one of the only countries in the world where divorce is still illegal - alongside the Philippines and Vatican City. 

In the predominately Catholic Mediterranean state - of just 400,000 people - it has been a burning issue for many years. 

But with the votes counted from Saturday's referendum, it has emerged that the Maltese people have opted to legalise divorce. 

Lawrence Gonzi, Malta's prime minister, who was against the introduction of divorce, has announced that he accepts the will of the majority and that it is now up to parliament to pass a law which will complete the process.

Are we witnessing a fundamental shift in Maltese society?

Inside Story presenter Laura Kyle discusses with: Michael Falzon, a senior member of the "YES" movement; David Quinn, the director of pro-marriage group the Iona Institute; and Matthew Vella, the editor of Malta Today

This episode of Inside Story aired from Sunday, May 29, 2011. 

Source: Al Jazeera