South Africans have been voting in local elections after one of the most bitterly fought campaigns in years.
The delivery of basic services like water, housing and jobs have been among the issues dominating the election campaigns. 

But are elections in South Africa becoming more about issues and not about the identity of voters? Is South Africa close to the end of Apartheid? Is it a sign of political maturity? Or a warning that some of the black majority are about to ditch the ANC after they failed to deliver?

Inside Story, with presenter Shiulie Ghosh, discusses with Dr Natascha Mueller-Hirth, a research fellow at Compromise after Conflict, University of Aberdeen; Mmusi Maimaine, an election candidate for the Democratic Alliance; and Jackson Mthembu, the national spokesperson of the ANC. 

This episode of Inside Story aired from Thursday, May 19, 2011.

Source: Al Jazeera