Protesters in Yemen had once again to face the guns of the government they want to bring down. Security forces fired bullets at crowds of thousands of people calling for Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Yemeni president, to step down.

Soldiers shot at the protesters using anti-aircraft guns mounted on vans while snipers fired on them from rooftops. And the violence has spread to cities across the country.
Witnesses said security forces also used water cannons and fired tear gas. In the capital, Sanaa, forces opened fire on a crowd of tens of thousands marching to the cabinet building.

The members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been trying to broker a deal with the president but the process is stalled. Saleh is defiant, and despite months of bloodshed there is no end in sight.

How long will the current stand-off last? And can Yemen's neighbours revive their initiative to resolve the crisis?

Inside Story, with presenter Dareen Abughaida, discusses with Ghanim Alnajjar, a political analyst and professor at Kuwait University who is also the editor of the Gulf Studies Series journal in the UAE; Ambassador Mohamed Qubaty, a former advisor to the Yemeni prime minister and now a political opposition activist; and Hakim Almasmari, the editor-in-chief of the Yemen Post.

This episode of Inside Story aired from Thursday, May 12, 2011.

Source: Al Jazeera