While much media attention has been given to the uprisings in Libya, Egypt, Syria; a well-coordinated and sustained protest movement is developing in Iraq's Kurd region. 

For two months, protestors have taken to the streets of Sulaimaniyah.

Many people have been killed, almost 100 injured in clashes with security forces. Authorities slapped a ban on demonstrations on Tuesday, but it has done little to quell a rising tide of anger. The protesters are calling for an end to corruption and demanding the resignation of the regional government.  

The Kurdish president has offered a plan for reforms. But in an unprecedented move on Wednesday, the prime minister offered to resign. 

Inside Story, with presenter Laura Kyle, discusses with guests: Makki Nazzal, a political analyst; Noreldin Waisy, a journalist in Irbil and Nasik Kadir, a Sulaimaniyah protest leader.

This episode of Inside Story aired on Wednesday, April 19, 2011. 

Source: Al Jazeera