Asif Ali Zardari, the Pakistani president, should be back home rather than in Europe - that is what critics say as Pakistan struggles to cope with catastrophic floods.

In just over a week millions of people have been affected and over 1,500 killed.

Despite that, Zardari continued with his scheduled European trip.

He said he was keen to have a frank conversation with David Cameron, the British prime minister, who has accused Pakistan of exporting terror.

Some observers say that Zardari's interest in diplomacy rather than dealing with one of Pakistan's worst humanitarian crises has further tarnished his image.

But would Zardari mend fences with Cameron? And how would that help flood victims back home? 

Inside Story, with presenter Hazem Sika, discusses with Fauzia Wahab, the information secretary of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Najam Sethi, the editor-in-chief of the Friday Times, and Brian Katulis, a senior fellow at the Centre for American Progress.

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Source: Al Jazeera