Talks between India and Pakistan will go ahead despite a bombing in the west Indian city of Pune.

India has been put on 'high alert' but both governments have been quick to condemn the attack and have urged the public not to jump to conclusions about who was behind it.

A bomb was reportedly left in a bakery popular with tourists close to two luxury hotels and religious sites. Nine people were killed and at least 57 were injured.

The explosion took place one day after India and Pakistan announced plans to restart talks on February 25. 

So, can the already strained relations between the two countries survive this bombing? And for how long?

Inside Story, with presenter Hoda Abdelahamid, discusses with guests: General Ashok Mehta, a retired army general and analyst at the Institute for Defence Studies, Arati Jerath, a political analyst and columnist, and Akram Zaki, a former Pakistani foreign secretary.

This edition of Inside Story aired from Monday, February 15.

Source: Al Jazeera