Zuma's supporters have strongly denied all corruption and laundering charges [AFP]
A South African court has postponed a decision on whether to dismiss fraud and corruption charges against Jacob Zuma, the president of the ANC.

Zuma is considered to be South Africa's president-in-waiting.

Zuma won the presidency of the ANC in 2007 and this placed him in a position to take the reins of power from Thabo Mbeki, when Mbeki's term ends in 2009.

The corruption accusations against Zuma began in 2005 and were heightened when he was later charged.

The ANC leader stands accused of  fraud, racketeering and money laundering over a 1999 arms deal.

However, he says that he is a victim of a political conspiracy designed to prevent him from becoming South Africa's next president.

Zuma has said that he will stand down as ANC leader only if found guilty.

Inside Story asks: Can Zuma be president while facing corruption charges? What impact will the charges have on the ANC and what does this mean for South Africa?

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This episode of Inside Story aired on Tuesday, August 05, 2008
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Source: Al Jazeera