Obama will be the USA's first black president,
if elected to power [AFP]
Hillary Clinton has announced she will withdraw from the race and back her rival Barack Obama.

Now that he has declared himself the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, can Obama keep the momentum to the white house?

Is America ready for a black president? Can Obama make it on his own?

Would Clinton's endorsing Obama as the presidential candidate good enough or does she need to get next to him as a running mate to ensure a victory for the Democrats?

What would have been the outcome of a secret meeting betweem Obama and Clinton late on Thursday night?

While Clinton has sought to distance herself from efforts by supporters to convince Obama to pick her as a running mate, Obama has gone on record saying that ' Senator Clinton would be on anybody's shortlist'.

Would Obama's three-member selection team choose Clinton as a running mate or would he have to create history all by himself? 

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