Leaders of Lebanon's rival political factions have finally signed a deal in Qatar's capital Doha, to end the political crisis. After five days of talks, the agreement is set to end 18 months of political turmoil which brought the country to the verge of civil war.
The two sides have agreed to elect army chief Michel Suleiman as the country's next president.
The factions have also agreed on the formation of a new national unity government. The ruling majority will receive 16 seats in the country's new government, which will allow it to choose a prime minister.

The opposition will have 11 posts, granting it a veto, while three ministers will be appointed by the country's president. However, no agreement has been reached on Hezbollah's military arsenal.
So, will this deal hold? And how will these divisive issues be solved?
Inside Story, with presenter Kamahl Santamaria, discusses.

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This episode of Inside Story aired on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 17:30 GMT

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