Dmitry Medvedev (L) says he would like to place
Vladimire Putin (R) as his prime minister [AFP]
The results are in, and Vladimir Putin's hand-picked successor, Dmitry Medvedev, has won the Russian presidential elections in a landslide.

Medvedev has promised to carry on Putin's legacy. He says he wants Putin to be his prime minister, but just how much power the president will retain once he leaves office is unclear.

Other candidates in the race are protesting the results, claiming they were not allowed equal media coverage before the vote.

Election monitors are also saying the vote was not fair.

Has the election and results been a blow to Russian democracy? And how will Medvedev tackle the big issues facing the country?
Inside Story, with presenter Sami Zeidan, looks at the man who will be president and his vision for Russia.

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This episode of Inside Story aired on Monday, March 3, 2008 at 17.30 GMT

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