Lebanon was not represented at the summit and some
other states sent low-level diplomats [Getty]
The Damascus Arab League summit was meant to be one of unity, but the growing rift between states sees the Arabs once again edging towards more division and polarisation. 
Lebanon opted for the empty chair policy at the summit, and key players including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan sent low-level diplomats to meet with other countries' heads of state. 
While host Syria adopted a reconciliatory tone, other leaders lashed out, saying that relations between member states have never been so bad. 
What is dividing the Arabs? And where does the summit leave them? 
Hashem Ahelbarra talks with key players and analysts at the Arab summit in a special edition of Inside Story from Damascus, Syria.
This episode of Inside Story aired on Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 17:30 GMT

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