Women in Dar se Salaam, Tanzania wear their
support for George Bush[AFP]
George Bush, the US president, is on a tour of five prospering African nations. He has avoided areas of conflict and chosen Benin, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda and Liberia.
It is a part of the world where he is still popular, and the president is there to trumpet the success of US aid programmes – billions of dollars spent on Aids relief, fighting malaria, and improving infrastructure and education, as well as giving military help and supporting democratic reform.
But there are other issues at stake too - US current and future dependence on oil imports from Africa; the growing influence of China on the continent; and the reluctance of African states to host a centralised US military command for Africa.
What can Bush deliver on his trip? Is there a hidden agenda? And how does the US approach to African development differ from that of other countries?
Inside Story, with presenter Hashem Ahelbarra, investigates.
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This episode of Inside Story aired on Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 17.30 GMT

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