President Musharraf continues to deny US
impatience with Pakistan [AFP]
Washington, it's reported by news agencies, is redoubling efforts for a combat presence in Pakistan's tribal areas, seen as prime breeding ground for al-Qaeda, militancy and the Taliban.

President Musharraf continues to rebuff the efforts of an increasingly impatient United States.
In addition, the White House says it's about to start spending in earnest some $750m earmarked for social and economic improvements in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas – the remote, mountainous border region on Pakistan's north-west frontier with Afghanistan.
US officials say they believe the cash will provide jobs, education and healthcare and thus help win over hearts and minds.
What will be the effect of these developments? What does the US really want, and are fears that it could face being drawn into yet another conflict unfounded? 
Inside Story, with presenter Hashem Ahelbarra, investigates.

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