As Americans in New Hampshire vote for their presidential candidates, opinion polls suggests that in the Democratic Party's camp, Barack Obama may be pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton.
Clinton has seen her lead disappear, with the Rasmussen survey, carried out the day after Obama's victory in last Thursday's Iowa caucuses, putting Obama ahead by 10 points - the third survey to give him a commanding lead in the past two days.
Obama is hoping to sustain momentum from his Iowa victory while Clinton, a senator from New York and a former first lady, is looking to recover from her stinging third place finish for a chance to become the first female president.
In a debate between the Democratic candidates on Sunday, Clinton launched a scathing attack on the senator from Illinois. She accused him of shifting positions on key issues. But Obama says he has been consistent in his views.

He says he carries a message of change and so far many are listening.
Inside Story asks whether he stands a chance? What is so special about what he has to offer? And how has he been portrayed by his opponents and the media?
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Source: Al Jazeera