A year after Ethiopian-backed Somali troops toppled the ruling Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), Somalia is again in the spotlight. 

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"Former colonial states with fractionalised, unstable clanish politics are being used... as proxies for regional expansion or resource grab"

Max, San Francisco, US

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Fierce fighting has resumed after UIC fighters have apparently regrouped and are launching a massive attack against the Somali government.
The government is appealing for international support. But in the absence of any action, the new UN envoy to Somalia has urged Saudi Arabia to use what he called its moral authority to get more troops on the ground and bring the opposing parties together.

The deteriorating political situation in Somalia is making the existing humanitarian crisis worse. 
According to the UN, living conditions are the worst in Africa, and aid agencies are struggling to provide support in an increasingly dangerous country.

Is Somalia plunging deeper into chaos? Can the international community intervene before it is too late?

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Source: Al Jazeera