Raila Odinga, a Kenyan presidential candidate,
addresses a big crowd during a rally in Nairobi
It is election time in Kenya. On Thursday, Kenyans will vote in the tightest presidential race ever. Opinion polls show just three or four percentage points separate the two top candidates.

Mwai Kibaki currently holds the top post and is seeking a second term, while opposition figure and former political prisoner Rila Odinga is challenging Kibaki on his record.
The election campaign has been characterised by promises from both candidates to boost the economy and fight rampant corruption.

Kibaki boasts a sustained annual growth of five per cent since he came to power in 2002 and has campaigned for continuity. His rival, on the other hand, is casting himself as the candidate of change and the advocate of Kenya's poor majority.

Inside Story examines the election and takes a look at the challenges the winner will face.

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This episode of Inside Story aired on Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Source: Al Jazeera