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Re-Opening South Africa's wounds
The trial of Adriaan Vlok has sparked fears that reconciliation will be blown apart.

Battled out
Are cracks appearing in the 'coalition of the willing'?

A new phase in US/Iranian hostility
The US is to add Iran's Revolutionary Guards to its list of terrorist organisations.

Italian mob killings in Germany
Who are the Ndrangheta and why is so little known about them?

Scare over Chinese-made toys
Mattel has recalled 18 million amid fears they could be harmful to children

What now for Kashmir? 
Inside Story asks as India and Pakistan mark 60 years of independence.

Guatemala adoption centre scandal
How international adoption is regulated and the implications for the children.

US Terrorism List
The Bush administration has blacklisted Fatah al-Islam.

Will Israel and Syria go to War?
Despite recent speculation Olmert insists he has no interest in confrontation.

Guantanamo Bay
In a reversal of policy, the UK has asked the US to release five former residents.
South Asia's monsoon rains
Are governments doing enough to counter the devastation?
Olmert and Abbas meet in West Bank
It is the first time the two leaders have met in Palestinian territory.
Middle East nuclear arms race
Israel has announced that it may build a nuclear power station.

Sunni bloc resign from Iraq cabinet
Inside Story asks what the ramifications will be.
Can coffee help to prevent cancer?
Inside Story looks at the two new medical studies that suggest it can.

US gives military aid to allies
Their Middle East allies will receive billions of dollars in military assistance.
Oxfam release Iraq report
It says that almost a third of Iraqis are in need of emergency aid.
Egypt arrests Brotherhood members
The Muslim Brotherhood is the country's largest opposition group.
UN under fire
There have been a spate of allegations against its peacekeepers.

US support for Kosovo independence
But Russia and Serbia are fiercely opposed to such a move.
US and Iran discuss Iraq
What does each side hope to achieve and how much common ground do they share?
What now for Turkey?
What challenges lay ahead for the AK party following their election success?
Mandela to spearhead goodwill group
The organisation, called The Elders, aims to solve world crises.
Abbas calls for early elections
Will the Palestinian president's call deepen the Fatah-Hamas divide?
A new Cold War?
Britain is awaiting a reply from Russia after expelling four of its diplomats.
New UK terrorism laws expected
But can the new prime minister get the parliamentary backing he needs?
Ethiopia's unrest
Thirty-five opposition politicians have been sentenced to life for inciting violence.
Tony Blair to meet the Quartet
He is said to want a wider remit in his role as their Middle East envoy.
Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb
Will north African countries put aside their differences to fight the threat?
Is Lebanon heading for disaster?
A year after the war the country is crippled by violence and political deadlock.

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