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In Tunisia we have one of the most brutal dictators in the Arab world.Why Al-Jazeera never informs about this country? In the Western media it's the same. The Tunisian opposition needs the support of the media in the fight against Ben Ali and his gangsters( Leila Ben Ali,the families Trabelsi and Chiboub).I hope in the future you will show your audience the ugly face of Tunisia!!!!!.
Imad - Germany - May 2007

I usually watch the program of Inside Story on Al Jazeera, the television which outweighs other broadcasting television. I congratulate you very much and I pray to God that you will be able to reveal all the hidden agenda against humanity.  The problem behind your program is that it is too short, which really prevents the participants from expressing all the issues in details, so please try add time …  Another problem is that the issues is mainly concentrate on Europe and Asia. Why not Africa?
I wish you all the best and may the Lord bless you.
Rev. Cuthbert Temba - Tanzania

We are going to protest Al Jazeera if it does not give Ms Turkan Saylan, the leader of the million Turk march, an opportunity to express secular feelings. Is Al Jazeera afraid of the AK government of Turkey?
Safiye Dirik  - Turkey

We the people of Bangladesh think that this interim government should stay for long. Yes they have disappointed us on some matters such as the restrictions on the two political leaders. But we still strongly believe that this government will be able to keep peace in the country and we dont want the reoccurrence of the violence on the streets.
Soumya Rauth - Bangladesh

It's a hope for us, the voiceless, in this part of the world that is abandoned by the international news media, that Al Jazeera has come to let people know about the suffering of African people trapped by poverty and the corruption of its elites. Your news media is the only one of the international media outlets that can bring trustworthy, accurate, fair news from every part of our globe. Good luck and keep it up.
Boukar Mina from N’Djamena, Chad - April07

I think I have identified now what is at the heart of America's foreign policy. It is racism at the core of American society, a racism so barbaric in it's ethnocentric attitude that it obliterates the possibility of rational thought or of discourse. It is a total rejection of 'the alien', whether that be within their own borders or by extension in foreign countries. At the end of the day this is one person's war, George Bush, against the rest of humanity that doesn't wear a clean, blank, white face.
Mr CJ Hudson, United Kingdom
Congratulations on an informative, balanced, well researched programme. After years of frustration with the narrow agenda of other news channels it is such a relief to have a programme like Inside Story and a channel like Al Jazeera. Keep up the good work. I wonder if you could do a programme on some of the Islamic political parties like the Muslim Brotherhood or Hizb-ut-Tahrir. It would be great to have their solutions for political problems explored and tested. Once again thanks for this brilliant piece of journalism.
Mrs N Adel, England

I am an American ex-pat living in Europe who was involved in early internet development in the USA. Today, 90 per cent of media worldwide is owned by six corporations, which means that 90 per cent of media speaks with one voice, the corporate/government voice. In the USA it is even worse – five corporations own 95 per cent of the media. Media comprises television, radio, newspapers, movies, magazines, billboards etc. Notwithstanding the problems with blogging as discussed on today’s broadcast, we need alternative voices – those not  represented by the corporate/government media. Blogging gives the ordinary person a voice that he or she would not otherwise have. I suspect that over time, as with most things, smart, reliable blogging will prevail, and the trash bloggers will disappear. Keep up the good work!
Dr Richard W Bryant, Algarve, Portugal
For the first time I sat and watched your Inside Story on the massacres in Iraq and it was very truthful, the dark forces behind this violence, inciting it more, are not conspiracy theories. Al Jazeera is doing a great job in telling the truth out there. If I want to see real time events truthfully, I'll watch your Al Jazeera. More informative than the rest.
Darrel, Israel
I applaud the efforts of Iran and Saudi leaders in trying to stop sectarian violence between Muslims. I am Christian, but abhor what the US has brought about in the Middle East, since creating the state of Israel.
James Mercer, US
Of course, Norway has failed in its role as a peacemaker. Norway has a track record of failure, as in the case of the 'Oslo peace talks' on Palestine. Moreover their partiality towards the Tiger terrorists raises serious doubts about their role as an honest broker.
Yusry Al Ayad
It is unimaginable why the Muslim states of the world cannot get together and give better aid and support to the Muslims in Palestine. I am distressed to see Muslims fighting Muslims like Sunni and Shia communities in Pakistan, and mostly in Iraq. They prefer to ignore the common enemy. Looks like the Islam we all practice is not what prophet Muhammad promoted. Can we raise this basic issue?
Arazak, Malaysia
Finally, we have an authentic, transparent, professional, thoughtful, incisive, multicultural, deeply caring group of brilliant journalists within the station and on diverse sites in different countries who are committed to presenting the other point of view which has been silenced and hidden from view for so many years - since the first US onslaught on Iraq - never mind the 59 years into the occupation of Palestine and the uprooting of Palestinians, the myriad massacres that have been committed against our people, the incessant bombardment of Lebanon over the years by Israel. All the double standards are finally being exposed in a professional way; that is the key thing, and I am so proud of you.
Dr Samia Costandi, Bahrain

I recently had the opportunity of watching your programmes and must complement you on your choice and relevance of the subjects. The other mainstream channels tend to gear their content more towards the 'Western' audience. Your programmes immediately strike a chord with the Middle Eastern/Asian/African viewers. Please keep up the good work and thank you for providing such useful infotainment.
Syed Javed Hasan, UAE
I was unaware of this programme Inside Story. Today's topic was interesting in the sense that it dealt with important issues of women's rights in Pakistan. For the marriage to be valid in Islam, there is no scope for force to both bride and groom. The consent for marriage should be full, natural and free. So, it was malpractised for long in Pakistan. I thank the government to outlaw these unacceptable practices. Thank you!
Muhammad Muinul Islam, Bangladesh
I saw the subject about Iraq's oil industry and to be honest I would say that it was outstanding and you highlighted in the smallest details all my suspicions about the reason why America and Britain wanted to invade Iraq.
Walid, UK
I watched your Inside Story for the first time on Al Jazeera. It was very good! It was neutral ... I think both CNN & BBC supports Sri Lanka's propaganda machine. I like your work.

I would like to comment on what was said on this terrible conflict in Sri Lanka. We know in Europe that LTTE is not a terrorist group despite all propaganda in the media. Al Jazeera has done a good job in documenting this issue, very similar to the Palestinian one.
Dr Tanda, France

Why did Inside Story forget to bring a guest from the Tamil speaking muslim community? The community was heavily victimised by the Tamil Tiger rebels. I am requesting you remember this in the next Inside Story.
Rifai Mohammed, Sri Lanka
Your interactive programme Inside Story on Sri Lanka was one of the best impartial interview & reports I have ever witnessed on any news channel. Without doubt Al Jazeera has demonstrated the impartiality and has left all other international news channels far behind.
Yusry, Saudi Arabia

Hi Al Jazeera, I am a great fan and supporter of your channel but I didn't like the way you covered the assassination of Pierre Gemayel. First I dont think that his killing is anything but horrific. But I think that your coverage was shy in pointing fingers to anybody but Syria. I mean 90 per cent of people in the Middle East if not more believe that the US and Israel have something deep to do with these assassinations. And I dont think that this a paranoid or "conspiracy" form of thinking. I know that as a news channel you can't accuse anybody of something without evidence but to cover "Every Angle and Every Side" I think that this side should be highlighted in a way or another.
Basel, Palestine

Something I don't get? Why no-one is putting the fingerpoint on al-Hariri for this killing for Mr Gemayel. Even we know that he has more to gain than anyone else in this incident to prove his point on Syria.

I think the debate/discussion over politicising the hijab was informative. I really like the professor from Egypt's comments and her views on the issue. Personally, I feel the hijab/niqab has become politicised by politicians first in Europe and now in the Middle East as more and more educated, capable, talented, young women who are entering the work force making conscious decision to either don the hijab or niqab.
Fatima, USA

Just got the English Al Jazeera feed (through jumptv.com) tonight and saw the segment on human shields in Gaza. Thank you very much - this is exactly the kind of news we in America have been missing, and urgently need to see.
Vicki, USA 

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