Iraqi Kurdistan has been hailed as a beacon of democracy in an otherwise uncertain Iraq which is caught in an unending violence and bloodshed. Washington says the relatively peaceful region in northern Iraq is a model for success that Baghdad should emulate.

The relatively peaceful region in Northern Iraq
is seen as a model of success [Getty Images]
However, beneath the remarkable economic progress led by an apparently democratically-elected government, political observers are concerned over the growing culture of corruption, nepotism, and abuse-of-power by the leadership.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) claims its economy is booming and the Kurds are getting richer, but are they enjoying real economic growth or simply riding on oil cash exacted from Baghdad's budget?

The KRG relationship with Baghdad has been strained over disputes of oil and revenue sharing laws.

Is the KRG using these disputes to strive for autonomy rather than a unified central government with Baghdad?

Our guests this week are:

Dr. Kamal Majid from Cardiff University and Dr. Khaled Salih, spokesman of Kurdistan Regional Government.

This episode of Inside Iraq airs from Friday, December 14, 2007

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