Inside Iraq looks at the grave implications of the
tension between Turkey and Iraq [AFP]

The drums of war in Turkey are banging louder. The killing of at least 12 Turkish soldiers by Kurdish fighters last week has increased the pressure on Ankara to send troops into the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq. 
The latest attack on Turkish troops, believed to have been carried out the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), came in the wake of the Turkish parliament's approval for cross-border attacks into northern Iraq aimed at the PKK. 

Any military strike by Turkey in northern Iraq is likely to have dire consequences on the future security and stability of Iraq.
Analysts say a Turkish invasion will force the Kurds to choose between Kurdistan and Iraq. And in this choice, Iraq will lose out.
Inside Iraq this week looks at the grave implications of the tension between Turkey and Iraq.

Our guests this week are Deputy Leader of the Turkish Republican Party, Fawzi Hariri - Iraqi industry Minister and David Foley - Deputy Director of Public Affairs/Press Spokesman US State Department.

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This episode of Inside Iraq airs from October 26, 2007

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Source: Al Jazeera