US soldiers  in Iraq [AFP]

The bitter war of words over the Iraq war began even before the US invasion. At first, it was the existence of weapons of mass destruction which the Bush administration manipulated to exaggerate the threat from Saddam Hussein.

Then at the height of the war, when the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq began to rise, President Bush ordered a surge of more than 21,500 troops despite negative American public opinion and criticisms. 

Now, President Bush wants more funds but refused to agree on a timetable for the withdrawal of any US troops from Iraq. The Democrats have accused him of playing politics with soldiers' lives.

Inside Iraq looks at these sharp exchanges which have escalated to a political fight in the US over the Bush administration's position on the Iraq war.

Our guests are Scott Ritter, a former UNSCOM inspector, Alberto Fernandez, Public Diplomacy (US Department of State), Professor Asa'ad Abu Khalil, from the California State University, Joshua Muravchik, a senior analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, and Michael Isikoff, a Newsweek reporter and the author of Hubris.

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This episode of Inside Iraq aired on 01 May 2007

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