Adnan Pachachi, a member of the Iraqi
National Assembly
In March 2003 US and British ground forces entered Iraq and by the following month US forces had advanced into central Baghdad and Saddam Hussein's grip on power had withered.

Sovereignty was transferred to an interim government in June 2004 and six months later Iraqis voted in the first multi-party elections in 50 years.

But the security, civil order and flourishing democracy which was promised to the Iraqis has got lost amid armed rebellions and guerrilla-style attacks against coalition and Iraqi troops as well as burgeoning and brutal sectarian violence.

Prior to the invasion, George Bush, the US president, dared the Iraqis to dream of a brighter future.

Four years later, and the Iraqis are living a nightmare of chaos, instability and danger. Has the dream been destroyed for good?

Inside Iraq assesses the high hopes and broken dreams of Iraq.

Our guests are Sharif Ali Bin Al-Hussein, the Patron of Royal Constitutional Movement in Iraq, and a member of the Iraqi National Assembly Adnan Pachachi.

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This episode of Inside Iraq aired from 20 April 2007

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