Jasim Al-Azzawi, the presenter of Inside Iraq
The 2003 US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq continues to divide opinion both between, and within, the East and the West.
Inside Iraq is a weekly insight into this, one of the most important, and divisive, political issues of our time. The programme will explore some of the fundamental issues affecting Iraq and its people.
Is Iraq a fledgling democracy, a beacon of light for a Middle East largely controlled by kings and dictators, or a disastrous experiment in imperialism, and a breeding ground for extremism?
In the context of escalating sectarian strife and a rising death count, Inside Iraq will examine these central questions as well as reacting to the very latest news developments in the country.

Not only experts and academics, but politicians and decision makers of the highest levels – from Iraq and elsewhere – will debate the issue of the week in a dynamic environment that does not shy away from controversy.

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