Salah al-Mutlaq from the Iraq National Dialogue Front

The international Sharm el-Sheikh conference on Iraq has been hailed a success with more than $30 billion in aid and debt relief pledged by donors on the first day of meetings.
Iraq's neighbours, including Iran and Syria, have joined ministers from the G8 nations and the EU in Sharm el-Sheikh.
The major world powers are offering financial aid, tied to demands that Iraq pushes towards political reform and reconciliation.
But will economic stability alone stop the violence in Iraq?  
On the sidelines of the Sharm El-Sheikh conference, the US secretary of state met Syria's foreign minister, the highest-level talks for several years.
The US has accused Iran and Syria of allowing foreign fighters to enter Iraq and of formenting unrest in the country.
For its part, Iran has called for a complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq as a necessary condition for stability in the region.
Inside Iraq looks at how the discussions and decisions at the Sharm El-Sheikh meeting will shape the future of Iraq.

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