Erik Prince, the founder and former CEO of Blackwater, has a plan to privatise the war in Afghanistan.

Speaking to Mehdi Hasan in front of an audience at the Oxford Union, Prince said that while he supports US President Donald Trump's campaign promises to stop "endless wars", he doesn't necessarily support the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

"Here's the thing," said Prince: "if we, if the United States leaves Afghanistan, withdraws any of the troops support or monetary support, you will have a moment like Saigon in 1975 with helicopters having to lift people off the roof of the US Embassy. It will be that bad."

Instead, he'd like to have a hand in running the war. Prince has suggested replacing almost 50,000 NATO troops and private contractors with 2,000 US special operators and 6,000 contractors, cutting spending on the war by 30 billion dollars a year.

Prince said: "I do want to end the war by giving the Afghan forces the means to survive and to be much more offence. If you provide mentors and you provide air supports, and logistic support to those units, they can actually get out and get after the enemy."

Source: Al Jazeera