The Anglican Church has become increasingly marginalised in British society; seen by many as an echo of the lost imperial order, from the days when Britain ruled the world and Anglicanism was the creed of the British Empire, the Church now suffers from ever-declining congregations and ever-increasing bills.
We examine the efforts of the Church to respond to a new world in which, in the words of the Bishop of London, "the new God is the economy".
John McCathy in St Pauls Cathedral in London
The film explores the Alpha Project, which has spread from one London church to 160 countries and a membership of 8 million people, by exploiting the techniques of advertising, marketing and networking.
Despite its troubles in the home country, the Anglican Church is becoming an increasingly international enterprise; it is growing rapidly in Africa and is second in size only to the Roman Catholic Church.
While this powerful new force is even injecting new energy into the mother church in Britain, it may be that the Church of England is becoming the Church of Africa?

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