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The Arab Street takes viewers to the beating heart of some of the world's most vibrant cities.

In this episode we visit Ramallah, home to 125,000 people, as well as the Palestinian Authority.

Penned in by Israel's separation wall and with freedom to travel limited by road blocks, what is everyday life like for Ramallah's citizens?

Like most of occupied Palestine, Ramallah struggles economically. Its people enjoy the moral support of the wider Arab world, but do other Middle Eastern governments provide sufficient financial support?

What is life like behind Israel's wall and will a freeze on Jewish settlements lead to peace?

The Arab Street goes to the heart of the city to find out, bypassing the politicians and pundits to get the views of ordinary men and women.

The Arab Street - Ramallah can be seen from Monday, December 14, 2009 at the following times GMT: Monday: 0530, 1130; Tuesday: 0130, 1400, 2330; Wednesday: 0630, 1630; Thursday: 0300, 1430; Friday: 0600, 1930; Saturday: 1030.

Source: Al Jazeera