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So we are back in the Doha studio this week, and with two main focal points - climate change in Copenhagen and debt in Dubai.


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Copenhagen has been interesting so far. We all knew it would be a long drawn out process with all sorts of wrangling and wheeling and dealing.

But to have such a controversy as we have had - the so-called "Danish Text" - and to have it so early in the piece - well that was not expected.

Once again, and this is what we will explore on the show, it comes down to who will shoulder the cost of climate change.

The developing world reckons it should not be penalised as much when - and it is a fair point here - it has not been polluting for as long or as much as developed countries.

Climate change revolution

Also - and we are very excited about this one - an interview with the extraordinary George Soros, the 79-year-old businessman, investor, philanthropist and the 29th richest person in the world! 

He has got a great idea about how to kick-start the climate change revolution and he will tell us all about it.

Plus of course, we will update you on Dubai - one of the fastest-moving financial stories I have seen in a while and certainly one of the most intriguing. 

We have got a range of expert opinion, but with the pace of things in the Dubai World story, I would urge you to check in at the AJE business page for the absolute latest. You just never quite know what is going to happen next in our Gulf neighbour.

Formula one and the crisis

Formula One has been badly affected by the financial crisis [GALLO/GETTY]
And also a special sports feature this week.

Rahul Pathak had a chat to Frank Williams, the boss of the 'WilliamsF1' motor racing team, who was on a visit here to Doha. 

Formula One has really taken a hit this year during the financial crisis, so it will be interesting to see how Williams will approach 2010.

Of course Rahul is from AJE's sports department which has been churning out some great contributions to our show as well as their own, thanks guys. 

So a jam-packed show for you this week on Counting the Cost. Make sure you join us!

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