After being in step all these years, will US-Israel ties falter? [GALLO/GETTY]

In this episode of Empire, Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera's senior political analyst, and his guests zero in on the special relationship between the US and Israel.

From its beginning, when it took the US only 11 minutes to recognise Israel, through its difficult early years, to the blossoming bond when the alliance grew based on shared values and strategic goals.

This relationship has provided Israel with over $150bn in aid and military assistance, and in the process changed the nature of Israeli society.

However, despite the obligatory expressions of support by politicians playing to their constituencies, the recent elections in both countries have them seemingly heading in opposite directions. 

This second episode of Empire will explore who benefits from the special relationship and whether the status quo will prevail.

America and Israel: The special relationship












In the first half of the programme, we look at the failures of previous US-sponsored peace processes and examine the prospects for peace under the presidency of Barack Obama and Benyamin Netanyahu's new government.

We discuss expectations, possibilities and probabilities and question whether there will be a new approach to addressing an Israeli-Palestinian peace.
The second half of the show looks at the failures of war and the prospect of more of the same, as well as the issue of Iran.
Empire also examines the role of the different lobbies and pressure groups in the US and the increasing cultural exchanges between US and Israel.

Finally, we find out how this relationship might evolve and the consequences it may have for the Middle East.

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Source: Al Jazeera