From a glassblower in Tunisia to artists in Tanzania; from kite makers in Japan to tribal music in Borneo, Artsworld tells the stories of people whose talent brings beauty and colour to the world.

We look at how people across the globe are using the arts to bring about social change in their communities, highlight injustice and provoke political reform.

Al Jazeera's new series brings you the stories that allow for a greater understanding of one another's cultures and traditions.

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Many of the songs Kandid perform
have not been heard for decades
Borneo - Reviving ancient traditions

Artsworld visits a teenage band who are reviving ancient songs and confronting ancient taboos in a thoroughly modern manner at this year's Rainforest festival in Borneo.

The Kandid group from the Kelabit highlands of Sarawak in Borneo formed a few years ago with the aim of conserving long-forgotten songs and musical traditions.

Some of the songs have not been heard for decades, because they were discouraged by Christian missionaries.

The revival of these traditional songs has reignited the community's pride in their cultural identity.

The group has also confronted traditional taboos which used to prevent women from touching some musical instruments.

Cairo - Under the bridge

Run-down parts of Cairo that are becoming unlikely venues for underground art.

Bridges and flyovers are a common sight in the Egyptian capital - constructed in an effort to ease the city's infamous traffic flow.

But when one man set about cleaning up a neglected space beneath a Cairo bridge, the area was transformed into one of the country's most successful independent art venues.

It hosts over 100 performances and exhibitions every month and gives amateur artists the chance to exhibit alongside well-known figures.

South Africa - Bantu's ghost

Lesego Rampolokeng is a South African writer and performance poet who is known for being outspoken on sensitive political issues.

With the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa and election violence elsewhere on the continent, Lesego has no shortage of ammunition for his sharp tongue.

UK - Urban art

Can art help young people turn away from street crime, gang culture and drugs?

One top London art gallery, famous for its collection of Old Masters, believes that it can and is offering youngsters from tough inner-city areas the chance to discover their potential as artists.

Artsworld reports on one teenage boy from an unsafe part of the city and what it means to have a safe place to paint.

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