It Happened In...
is a four part series looking at major disasters across the globe, the impact on the communities in which they occur, and the after effects years later. 
In Happened In... Oklahoma examines the events surrounding the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 168 people died, including children who were in the building's daycare centre, but for victims who survived and their families, it has been a long and painful road to recovery.
For others who lost loved ones, the emotional rebuilding has been just as arduous. Their journey has taken some surprising turns; for one bereaved father this has meant meeting the family of his daughter's killer.
Timothy McVeigh, the decorated Gulf War veteran who carried out the bombing, would be executed by lethal injection for his crimes. For the devastated families he left behind, what happened in Oklahoma has left scars which may never heal.

This programme aired from 13 August 2007. It Happend In... Oklahoma broadcast times GMT:

Monday 13 August (0630, 1430)
Tuesday 14 August (1130, 0600)
Wednesday 15 August (0600, 2030)
Thursday 16 August (0300, 0730)
Friday 17 August (0230, 1330)
Saturday 18 August (0130, 1730)
Sunday 19 August (0430, 1900)

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