Naipor Maltl was 12 when she was
sold by her parents
Every year thousands of Indian children are sold into labour by their parents, sometimes for as little as US $5.

Parents are lured by local agents who promise the families work and a wage for their children.

They usually end up working as domestic servants or manual labourers.

Many suffer cruel treatment from their employers. 

It is illegal for children to work under the age of 14, but this rule is not properly enforced and children can be seen working throughout the country.

The 'Movement to Protect Childhood' marched
4,000km through India and Nepal

The nation's trafficking problem is huge - India is a source, destination and transit country for trafficking.

It shares leaky borders with seven countries, making the problem difficult to police. 

Delhi based charity Bachpan Bachao Andolan, the 'Movement to Protect Childhood' marched 4,000km through India and Nepal trying to raise awareness of the issue.

With them was a group of 120 children rescued from forced labour. They hoped their harrowing stories would deter others from falling into the same trap.

Children for Sale
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