Recent history shows us that, for the sake of achieving a higher rate of economic development, humanity has consistently neglected the consequent environmental degradation.

As the dire state of our environment and the urgent need to protect it has gained greater attention the subject has grown increasingly controversial, both uniting nations in the shared experience of environmental damage and dividing them in how to deal with it.

In a five-part series that travels from the timber docks of China to the mountain ranges of America, Assignment Earth looks at just a handful of the many pressing issues confronting our fragile world.

Part Two

Vanishing Cheetahs

Trying to save the cheetah
In the last 50 years, cheetahs have become extinct in 16 countries. Today the fewer than 12,000 that survive in Africa and Iran are facing a bleak future. 

Namibia has the world's largest cheetah population, most of them roaming privately owned grazing lands where ranchers kill them as unwanted predators. Conservationists there desperately try to  reverse the cheetah's decline and they are making progress. By

Fully grown guard dogs
providing ranchers with special guard dogs to protect their livestock, they are showing how  humans and cheetahs can co-exist. 

Working with the Cheetah Conservationist Fund, Assignment Earth talks to ranchers and wildlife officials and learns how this innovative approach is saving one population of this vanishing species.

This Episode aired from 28 April 2007.

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