Joseph Kabila, president of DR Congo
Al Jazeera's John Cookson spent three weeks covering thousands of kilometres of Africa's third largest country to produce this unique insight into Congo's move to democracy after forty years of chaos and war.

This Al Jazeera news special also features an exclusive interview with Congo's newly re-elected president Joseph Kabila, who spoke to Al Jazeera in his first and only interview after his landslide win in the Presidential poll.

John spent much of his time in the restive eastern provinces where much of the violence has raged.

There is also some exclusive footage of a shoot-out in the captial Kinshasa in which four people were killed in the cross fire.

Now the major conflict is over - but as we found out, deep political divisions and violence remain.

Watch Part One of the show here:

Watch Part Two of the show here:


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Source: Al Jazeera