Mo Amin
Mohamed Amin, photographer and frontline news cameraman, was able to capture Africa's pain and passion like no other before him.

Never shying from the tragedy, 'Mo' trained his unwavering lens on every aspect of African life.

Through his pictures he showed the world what some were afraid to see and what most people wished they could ignore.

Ethiopia: Briefing Bob Geldof
His coverage of the 1984 Ethiopian famine was a landmark in journalism.

It inspired a collective global conscience and the greatest act of giving in the 20th century.

This was the inspiration and catalyst for We Are The World, Live Aid, Heal the World and Live 8.

Mo Amin with his bionic arm
His reporting shamed the world into action and undoubtedly rescued a country from absolute destruction by famine.

In a career spanning more that 30 years, Mo was the eyes on the frontline in almost every kind of situation and his honest unwavering approach to photojournalism earned him the unconditional respect of both friends and enemies alike.

A mother and her child in Ethiopia

Mo covered every major event in Africa and beyond.

He braved 29 days of torture, surviving bombs and bullets, even the loss of his left arm in an explosion at an ammunition dump, to emerge as the most decorated news cameraman of all time.

Mo's remarkable life was cut tragically short in November 1996 when hijackers took over an
Ethiopian airliner and forced it to crash-land in the Indian Ocean killing 123 passengers and crew.

Mo and Min in Ethiopia
Mo died on his feet as he attempted to negotiate and reason with the terrorists.

By any standards, Mo's life was truly extraordinary; action-packed, full of pain and passion and inseparable from the troubled chronicle of emergent Africa.



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Source: Al Jazeera