Sami al Hajj in Guantanamo Bay
The documentary Prisoner 345 tells the story of Aljazeera's cameraman, Sami al-Hajj.


Sami who was arrested in December 15, 2001 on the Afghan-Pakistani border by the Pakistani Intelligence and then handed to the American Military.


He was moved from one prison to another ending in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in June 2002.


Since his arrest Sami has not been officially charged or informed of the real reason of his arrest and subsequent five-year incarceration.
The film will trace Sami's movements before and after his arrest and examine the way he has been treated by his jailers at Guantanamo.
The documentary is based on Sami's own unclassified letters, testimonies to his lawyer and the eyewitness accounts of former detainees in Guantanamo who befriended Sami.
The film will show a demonstration of force-feeding, the latest controversial technique employed by the prison authorities in Guantanamo Bay prison to stop the largest hunger strike by the prisoners.
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