On this episode of Frost Over the World, Sir David Frost talks to Akbar Ahmed, the former Pakistani ambassador to the UK, about the power struggle taking place in Pakistan between the supreme court, the country's politicians and its army.

Sir Lawrence Freedman, a professor of War Studies at Kings College London, also joins the show to discuss the huge changes taking place across the Arab world and the possible new wars that could emerge as a result.

Author, journalist and activist Laurie Penny talks to Sir David Frost about the Occupy Movement that has spread across the globe and shares her thoughts on why the world is changing in the way it is.

The Little Tailor

French actress Lea Seydoux and actor-turned-director Louis Garrel discuss their new film, The Little Tailor, and French cinema.

To discuss the crisis in the eurozone, Sir David is joined by Vicky Pryce, the managing director of FTI Consulting, who believes that the current eurozone crisis is a necessary one and that we should expect more crises to follow.

Then author John Bradley talks about his new book, After the Arab Spring, in which he claims that Islamist groups are hijacking the revolts across the Middle East. 

Source: Al Jazeera